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Nell – Painting of a Dearly Loved Border Collie


I couldn’t help but be affected by Nell’s disappearance from Ree Drummond’s ranch in Oklahoma back in 2008. Ree (aka The Pioneer Woman) was very vocal and honest about her feelings of loss. So much so, that I know that there were thousands around the world, including me, (and I’m just around the corner in North Carolina), who were praying that somehow Nell would come back home – safely. It’s been a little 3 years since Nell’s disappearance and it left Ree and her family wondering what could have happened that she disappeared without a trace.




So to add some comfort to her family’s sense of  loss and to hopefully give them back something special to remember Nell by, I created this weekend painting of Nell for Ree and her family.  Ree told me that they have not yet framed the painting, but that the family enjoys it on their fireplace mantel.


I am a real mush, you know that? I sat in my studio an entire weekend working on this painting and listening to my favorite country music on my iPod and stereo and caught myself tearing up. I’m losing it people. I am much too sensitive.  Nell was such a beautiful dog.


This was the painting of Nell – in progress.  I was thinking of adding a soccer ball in the background but then decided not to do that, because even though Nell loved her soccer ball and played with it often, I thought it would detract from the painting of Nell.  As with any pet or people portrait – I hoped to capture her personality. Ree told the world I did just that.  Thank you Ree.  I wish you had not lost your precious pup, but hopefully she will forever live on in your memories and her portrait.  I’m so happy I could do this for you.


“Nell – Painting of a Dearly Loved Border Collie” 14×18 Oil on Canvas, 2008

If you would like to read Ree Drummond’s kind post about her dog, Nell, and my painting, go HERE

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    Carol Mag

    Beautiful painting. Border collies are beautiful dogs.


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